About Stone Soup

Concrete is an essential part of our world. Modernity wouldn't be so without it. At Stone Soup, we are bringing concrete in from the cold. Fusing metal and stone, structural strength with a tactile softness, the concrete we make can cement disparate elements into fully human and humane design.

At Stone Soup, we welcome the diversity of work that comes our way. We celebrate the collaboration each job implies. Every day is different, every project unique. We are capable of working out the finest details of an object's design and then producing it to exacting specifications. Every project has possibility, both increasing the range of things we can provide and skilled professionals we can connect with. We view the nature of our work as essentially collaborative and alchemic.

Located in the heart of Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley, Stone Soup Concrete serves all of New England, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as New York, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania.

News From Stone Soup

The Heartwood School

The Heartwood School was established in 1978 to teach the skills and knowledge it takes to build an energy-efficient house.  Since that time, Heartwood has expanded their programs to include all aspects of the homebuilding crafts, particularly timber framing.  One of Mike's and Matt's favorite places to teach a workshop!  Check our their website at www.heartwoodschool.com.

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Duraamen Installers Edge Workshop with Bob Harris

We're happy to be hosting the next Installers Edge Workshop with instructor Bob Harris!

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