Working With Us

Working With Stone Soup

Every project has possibility. We view the nature of our work as essentially collaborative and alchemic and we take pleasure in the creative journey we take with our clients.  Concrete is unique from other types of stone in that it can be formed into just about any shape, in virtually any color, and in any texture. Creativity is concrete’s only limitation; if you can dream it, it can be formed.

We encourage you to browse our website and Facebook page to help answer initial questions you may have about concrete and/or Stone Soup Concrete and to view samples of our work. There are several ways for you to contact us regarding additional questions and/or to initiate a project. Also, please visit our Project Timeline page for more details on the process of creating a concrete project with us.  We may be reached the following ways:

Phone: 413.203.5600


Visit our Showroom and Shop located in the basement of the Eastworks Building:

116 Pleasant Street, Suite 028, Easthampton, MA 01027

We look forward to hearing from you!

A Visit With Stone Soup

Concrete is special. It is intimate and reflects the personality of the people we make it for. So we recommend a visit to our shop to become familiar with how our concrete is made.

One of the first things that you want to discover is whether or not concrete counters are in your budget.  In general our counters fall somewhere in the mid-level of stone counters.

If you can provide us with a simple drawing, we can come up with a detailed estimate. We may have a few questions first, for instance, is your project on the first floor? Or would you like a taller backsplash behind the stove? Once you are comfortable that concrete is for you, we can move on to more exciting things.

Our showroom is open by appointment or by chance. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Designing To Fit

We have several chances to help you with the design of your project. The first is by phone or email just after seeing your preliminary drawings. We will ask you questions and offer suggestions about how thick you may want the concrete to be. We may suggest rounding a corner just a little because we notice that it is a little tight where you enter the room. Remember that we have seen thousands of projects, and clients, and helped them all through this process.

Another way that we can help you to fully visualize your project is to provide drawings of what we propose to make for you. Based on our conversations, and the drawings that you gave us, we can give you detailed drawings in color. Sometimes this is the perfect tool to get everyone on the same page.

Remember, the options with concrete are limitless. In designing your concrete project, there are different options to consider. You will not only need to decide on the shape and size of your project, but you will also need to choose the color, type of edging, specific design elements, and whether you would like a specific inlay. We are happy to provide assistance in choosing which options are best suited to your vision and needs.

Making your Concrete

There are multiple steps involved in bringing your concrete project to life. We hope you find the following information helpful in understanding the process of creating concrete objects and the approximate timeline for each step to be completed.


The process of pouring concrete begins by creating templates of the existing space where you plan to place your future concrete object(s) (e.g. countertop, sink, etc.). The molds for the concrete will be made from these templates. The template-making process is the time to decide on design features such as countertop overhangs.

On a pre-scheduled date, Stone Soup Concrete artisans will arrive at the project site to create a template of the future concrete object(s). At this time all of the cabinetry and appliances must be installed and sinks and faucets be present on site for countertops. At the time of templating, you may make changes to the design.  However, you should note that these changes may affect the final pricing.


Once the template is made, it will be brought back to the shop where a form for the future concrete object(s) will be constructed. Forms are built with PETG (polyethylene terephthalate), a thermoplastic material.

The forming process takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the job.  During forming, any special features such as decorative inlays will be completed.  You may choose a border of shells to your concrete countertop or choose colored glass for added visual interest.  The options are limitless as each piece is custom made.

Pouring and Deforming

Once the form has been completed, concrete is poured into the form and your concrete object begins to take shape. This is also the time when the color formula is completed.

Concrete will be poured into the form and deformed (i.e. taken out of the form) in 2 to 3 days. The objects will then cure outside the form for another week.

Slurry and Sealing

Concrete slurry is used as a glue to bind the old concrete to new concrete during the “touch-up” process. Slurry is also used to smooth the top of the concrete surface.

Once the concrete has cured for a week, touch-ups are completed to fill tiny holes where the concrete may not have completed settled. The object will then be sealed, touched up and sealed again, with several curing times in between. After curing for 5 or more days after the last coat of sealant was applied, the object will be ready for delivery and installation.

Delivery and Installation

Take a gander at some of our installation adventures in our portfolio.

Project Timeline At a Glance

  1. Visit our Website
  2. Contact us
  3. Let us help you design and develop your concrete project
  4. Provide us with a scaled drawing and location information so we can provide you with a detailed estimate.
  5. Schedule a date for templating
    • For counters, all of the cabinetry and appliances must be installed and sinks and faucets must be present on site.
  6. Making the Forms
    • Timeline: 2 days to 2 weeks depending on complexity of the job and the amount of work in queue.
  7. Pouring and Deforming
    • Timeline: 2-3 days, then approximately 1 week for the concrete to cure.
  8. Schedule a date for delivery and installation
    • Job sites must be ready at date and time of installation.
  9. Slurry and Sealing
    • Timeline: 7-10 days, which includes several applications of sealant and a final 5 days for curing.



We did all our counters in Concrete from Stone Soup. I will start off by saying that I was very happy with the folks at Stone Soup. Concrete is such a cool and beautiful way of doing your surfaces. Besides being really cool guys they are really good at what they do! I will say that things did not go perfectly with my install. But in a way it was a good thing. You can go with many contractors but you never truly know the integrity of a contractor until something goes wrong. Then you will see what they are willing to do to resolve the issue. Stone Soup came out as many times as needed to make sure everything was 100%. I would recommend using these guys in a heartbeat.

Thank you,

You guys have far exceeded my expectations! Just gorgeous! Soooo worth the wait…Dreamy!

Thank you so much.