About Stone Soup

Concrete is an essential part of our world. Modernity wouldn´t be so without it.  At Stone Soup, we are bringing concrete in from the cold. Fusing metal and stone, structural strength with a tactile softness, the concrete we make can cement disparate elements into fully human and humane design.

At Stone Soup, we welcome the diversity of work that comes our way. We celebrate the collaboration each job implies. Every day is different, every project unique. We are capable of working out the finest details of an object´s design and then producing it to exacting specifications. Every project has possibility, both increasing the range of things we can provide and skilled professionals we can connect with. We view the nature of our work as essentially collaborative and alchemic.

Located in the heart of Massachusetts´ Pioneer Valley, Stone Soup Concrete serves all of New England, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as New York, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania.

Stone Soup grew out of the construction company Mike Paulsen & Mike Karmody co-founded to test Mike Paulsen´s patented Task toolbelt system design in the workplace. The toolbelt system was fully modular and allowed crews to work fluidly and creatively with each other. Both Karmody & Paulsen had a keen interest in materials, and were working on structures of considerable complexity; architectural duplication of ruined steeples was one of their specialties. So they were not surprised when concrete took their interest with the force of the history it represents. Thus Stone Soup Concrete was born. The company has evolved over the years. In 2010 Greg Bossie moved from California and joined the ranks at Stone Soup with a degree in architecture and experience in a variety of construction fields. Shortly thereafter Mike Karmody opted to pursue his other interest and step away from the daily grind of owning a business, allowing Greg to fill his shoes.

Stone Soup Concrete is an environmentally and community conscious company. Our practices include purchasing nearly all of our materials locally, using recycled glass in our concrete, and reusing and re-purposing everyday materials. Visit our Sustainable Practices section to get more information about what we do to minimize our impact on the environment and our Community Contributions section for more information on what we do to support our local community organizations.

Community Contributions

Stone Soup Concrete has been involved in several community support and service projects over the years, a few of which are listed below:

Hilltown Charter School

Stone Soup Concrete organized a silent auction and party to benefit the Hilltown Charter School.  The event raised over $10,000.

Habitat for Humanity (2007)

Stone Soup Concrete has been very fortunate to be involved in two service projects for the local organization over the years.  In the first project, kitchen countertops were donated for the home built for the Perry Family.

Fundraiser for Lydia Pepi (2008)

Stone Soup Concrete organized a silent auction and party to raise money for Lydia’s medical treatment after she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. $14,000 was raised to help pay for her medical expenses and we are very happy to report she has been cancer free for 2 years!

Home for Our Troops

Stone Soup Concrete donated custom color concrete vanities with integral sinks for a home built for Officer Rooney who lost both of his legs serving our country in Iraq.

Easthampton Pavilion – Rotary Project (2011)

Stone Soup Concrete donated approximately $7,000 in concrete countertops for the Indoor/Outdoor Rotary Club Pavilion at Nonotuck Park.

Bear Fest (2012)

Stone Soup Concrete was a Panda Bear level sponsor for the 2012 Bear Fest put on by Easthampton City Arts+ in an effort to promote the arts and raise money for art programs at our local schools, the art programs at

Riverside Industries and future ECA+ events.   Visit the Bear Fest page for more details about this city-wide art project in which life-sized fiberglass bears are transformed by artists. We sponsored Spirit Bear!

Occupy Sandy (2012)

After the storm passed and we saw the devastation of the New Jersey and New York coasts, we collected donations of clothing, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc in coordination with Occupy Sandy to help with the relief efforts. Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from our local community we were able to completely fill the box truck (TO THE BRIM!) and on November 24 delivered the donations to the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. We were mentioned in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Sustainable Practices

Stone Soup Concrete understand the importance of reducing our impact on the planet to ensure a healthy environment for future generations and all other life on the planet. We have long been dedicated to minimizing waste and creating eco-friendly products.

Stone Soup Concrete is a member of the US Green Building Council and can help you qualify for LEED points in your building projects.

Our practices include:

  • All of our products are proudly made in Easthampton, Massachusetts by employees based here in the Pioneer Valley.
  • We sourcing local materials whenever possible. The vast majority of our materials come from local companies including our sand and aggregate (65% of total material weight) from a sand pit only 5 miles from our shop.
  • We use pulverized recycled glass as a pozzolanic material to replace up to 20% of our portland cement content.
  • We use recycled glass in all of our glass terrazzo countertops, much of which comes from local stained glass studios as “breakage”.
  • We minimize waste of forming materials by using durable materials that can be reused many times and using non-reusable materials as economically as possible.
  • We recycle our beer bottles! We also recycle everything else they’ll take.
  • Most importantly, we THINK about our impact on our environment and encourage you to as well.



What is a concrete counter like?

Concrete is an evolving substance. After a month of curing, our concrete has the hardness and impermeability of a granite-like stone. The chemical process that makes concrete hard continues to make it harder for many years. Our concrete can be polished to resemble granite or can have the soft feel of soapstone.  As your concrete ages it will subtly change. Over time colors can deepen and intensify and the counter will change to reflect the way you use it.

Is the concrete sealed?

We have sealed your counters against most elements but care should be taken to maintain them. The sealing strategy that we employ allows the concrete to ‘breathe’ as cementious hardening continues for years. As the seal allows for a small amount of vapor transfer, temporary local darkening may occur when steam filled pot lids or hot coffee cups are placed on the counter. This is normal and no cause for alarm.

Will my concrete stain?

We have worked hard to develop a sealer that both maintains the unique look and feel of concrete while providing protection against general fluid contaminants. Concrete’s curing mechanism is alkali in nature, so acids can etch raw concrete. Acids that carry color can stain if they are allowed enough time to penetrate the sealer, so it is wise to clean up spills of red wine, vinegar, lime juice etc. in a timely manner.

How do I clean my concrete?

To clean concrete, use a mild non-abrasive soap. Avoiding amonnia, citrus, bleach, and vinegar based cleansers. We recommend Ivory White, Doctor Bronner’s Castile soap, or Simple Green applied with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. If a stain persists in a localized area, try using a baking soda poultice to remove it. To do this, mix baking soda with water to a peanut butter like consistency. Spread it over the affected area at least 1/4” thick, cover with plastic wrap, and allow to dry. The poultice will extract oil and pigment (like coffee) stains quite effectively. Multiple applications may be required for more stubborn stains.

Can I cut on concrete?

We do not recommend the use of knives on concrete. Although cutting will not affect the function of the concrete, it may scratch the finish, and it will certainly dull the knife. If desired, we can form a place to accept a custom chopping block.

What if the surface becomes scratched?

Should the surface of your concrete become abraded through rough use (from knives or anvils or sandpaper covered bowling balls), we provide a sealer upon delivery of your countertop that can help it restore its sheen. The application is easy and takes only minutes. You can follow the simple instructions on the label for continued maintenance. If you apply a wet sponge to your countertop and notice a darkening or deepening of color it is a good indicator the surface has become porous and should be sealed again. If something more drastic happens, it can always be repaired.

Can I put hot objects on concrete?

We suggest the use of a trivet, yet hot pots may typically be placed on your counters after the concrete has been in place for over 45 days.

Will my concrete crack?

We have developed extremely high strength concrete mixes that nearly eliminate the risk of cracking, however hairline cracks are possible. The majority of cracking, on the rare occasion that is occurs, happens during transportation and can be repaired. While cracking is a possibility, it’s not something we ever hear about happening from our customers.

How much do concrete countertops weigh?

It depends on the thickness and the mix design. At 1.5″ thick typical countertops weigh 18.5 lb per sq ft. At 2″ approximately 24 lb per sq ft. Beyond that we have many ways of reducing weight while maintaining the appearance of a thick slab.

Is concrete appropriate for commercial applications?

Absolutely. Stone Soup has made countertops and bar tops for everything from commercial kitchens to Fenway Park. Concrete is a wonderfully durable material for high traffic commercial applications.

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or smoke signals if you have any questions or would like a quote for custom work. For additional care and maintenance information, see the PDF’s below.


Click here to download a PDF of Care and Maintenance 

Click here to download a PDF of Re-sealing Instructions 

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited 2 year warranty on structural integrity.


Click here to download a PDF of the Full Warranty