HG2 is a water based poly acrylic sealant.  It is low V.O.C., spot repairable, UV resistant and glass clear at full cure. HG2 can be applied by a roller, LP Sprayer, rag or brush. We prefer using a microfiber rag in circular motions. The finish can be controlled through sanding or buffing to anywhere between a high gloss and a flat matte. The standard finish without altering is satin.


1 gallon $195 + s/h
1 quart  $70 + s/h
8 ounces  $25 + s/h

Coverage rate

Approximately 300 square feet per gallon


HG2 is fully cured, typically 24 hours after installation is complete.  The cure times can vary dependent on weather conditions.  Recoat is recommended within 4 hours initial coating work is completed.  HG2 can be recoated after the 24-hour full cure time, as long as the existing sealer is free from any bond breaking materials.

Ordering Information

Soon you will be able to order directly from our website.  In the meantime, you can order HG2 by emailing your purchase order to info@stonesoupconcrete.com or calling our office 413.203.5600.  We accept payments by check or credit card.