Tommy T Cook is coming to town!

Stone Soup Concrete will be hosting Tommy T Cook and Mike Cook from Gnomeadic Arts Inc. as they teach a 3-day fundamentals of GFRC and fabric forming class on August 9th, 10th, and 11th.  This is a wonderful opportunity for both the Stone Soup Concrete staff and students to learn and witness the current cutting edge concrete mix designs and form making.

The class will be held at Stone Soup Concrete in the Eastworks Building at 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 028, Easthampton, MA 01027.  The cost will be $1500 and will include lunch and a DVD with mix designs and a plethora of information!!  Plus discounts from their sponsors!!   Please contact Tommy directly to sign up for the class.  The best way to reach him is via email or you can leave a message at 206-920-5404. Payment may be made via Pay Pal if you are using a credit card or checks can be made out to Gnomeadic Arts Inc.

This will be a fundamentals class covering GFRC and other mix designs, how to properly develop them, implement and control them and determine what admixtures and other products you can use for your mixes and why.  This will be taught by Mike Cook on the first day!  Bring your pencils and paper!!!

We will then move to the shop where we will fabricate some forms in wood and fabric form and cast them using the principals that we went over in the class.  We will fabricate some basic wood and fabric formed molds, going over the basics of fiberglass and how to use and apply it.

We will then batch out for our mixes and go through the mixing and placement of GFRC.   We will walk through the proper steps to produce a good finish and a strong product with minimal products and effort.  Then pop them out and go through finishing procedures.

This will be a “once in a great while” kind of class as Mike (Cook) and I do not get many chances to train together, not to mention having the good folks of Stone Soup Concrete sharing some skills as well!!  Don’t miss this one!!!!


Tommy T Cook has been designing and fabricating concrete countertops and a broad spectrum of custom decorative and architectural precast concrete products for over 12 years. His use of concrete as an art medium is not only innovative, but nationally renowned. Beyond his line of functional art products, such as countertops and custom fireplaces, he has also designed and built water features, 3-D sculpture and worked on public art projects. He was Co-Founder of Absolute ConcreteWorks in Seattle and is now offering full time training and consulting in the precast industry via a unique method of traveling the US in an RV to all his clients. His new company Gnomeadic Arts Inc., is collaborative in nature and will bring multi-level training and consulting to the masses with numerous other trainers. His true passion is concrete and if you have ever met him, it is very apparent.

His expertise crossover is between standard architectural precast and custom precast for countertops and furniture using full Premix GFRC manufacturing and/or basic wetcast OPC casting. He also offers custom form building with fiberglass – including fabric forming, rubber, foam, clay, plaster and other methods. Starting as a small artist in a garage and growing into the NW’s premier precast company has given me a broad range of expertise, from small casting studios to large production facilities. We can help you grow your business in many ways.

”My passion for what I do is equaled by my thirst to develop new techniques and to expand my knowledge and to share that knowledge with others.  It is only surpassed by my drive to continuously raise the bar of what is achievable.  I live, breath and sometimes eat concrete.  It’s what I do, it’s what I am and it’s what I love.


Cheers,Tommy Cook

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